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The Walking Bus...

The “Walking Bus” is a safe, fun and healthy way to travel to and from school. It is powered by good old-fashioned leg work. Children utilising the bus will be more active, more sociable, improve their road sense, be more independent and there will be fewer cars on the road.

The organized group of children is escorted by at least two adults: a ‘driver’, who leads the bus and a ‘conductor’, who brings up the rear of the bus. More volunteers are added for larger groups.

A walking bus travels along a set route, picking children at pre-agreed stops at times listed in a timetable. The walking bus routes proposed are those routes which are currently marked with colored footprints.  However, part of the process will be to determine whether these routes are the best for the walking bus scheme. The current routes we believe at present are those most likely to meet parents’ needs and which should be a length suitable for all ages of passengers. The existing routes have been assessed for safety by Aberdeen City Council and in consultation with the Police.  All volunteer parents will receive training.

Safe routes to school.JPG
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