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"I’ve used the walking bus since it started and have found it a great way of teaching kids appropriate behaviour on way to school ie: road safety, encouraging good timekeeping and helping tell time.  This will help me determine when my boys have developed a sensible and safe attitude for walking to school independently.

I also think the social aspect of getting to know new friends is helpful. 

Equally important fir me is it’s promoting a healthy attitude towards daily exercise and reducing our carbon footprint as a family. So with these benefits in mind I would really recommend using the walking bus.

Also If you are a working parent/carer then the bus is a great help to save the added time constraints getting your child to school!"

- Shona Close - Cults Primary Parent & Walking Bus Volunteer




"Walking to school with my friends is really fun".

- Fraser, P2

“My daughter Abigail and I were keen to start on the Abbotshall walking bus from the beginning. Abigail is in P1 and loves to walk, although she was momentarily disappointed there was no actual bus on the first day!

I work 4 days a week and volunteer on the bus on a Wednesday. Abigail travels on the walking bus 3 days a week. I think she enjoys the days I'm not there the best!

The bus works so well for our family. I get to work half an hour earlier. Abigail enjoys walking in a group, we feel healthier and it's good not to drive to school and get caught up in all that traffic.”

— Kay Hopwood, Cults Primary Parent

"Prior to the introduction of the walking bus, Aidan (P3) always wanted to walk to school but doing so would have meant me getting to the office at 10am!

Aidan now uses the walking bus every day and I get to work before 9am.  This allows me to leave the office earlier and to spend extra family time at home or to help with the after school activities.  An additional benefit is my eldest son Sam (P7) now also walks to school with his friends instead of getting a lift with Aidan.

Initially I felt guilty about using the walking bus as my wife and I are unable to volunteer, however we give back in other ways such as helping out with the school football and at other school events. "


- Dave Holland, Cults Primary Parent

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