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A great bus route of almost a mile long

This walk is starting at the green triangle between Abbotshall Drive and Abbotshall Crescent. The route has four stops at which the children can join the walkingbus (if not joined at Abbotshall Drive). The first stop is at the walking path connecting Friarsfield Road and Kirk Brae. The second stop is at the entrance of Kirk Terrace playfield. The third stop is in the corner of Hilltop Road and the last stop is located at the entrance of the forest walking path situated parallel to Hillview Crescent.

While the route initially started at 8:25 the bus is

now departing at 08:30.

The departing times for each stop are as follows:

Stop 1 @ 08:34

Stop 2 @ 08:40

Stop 3 @ 08:45

Stop 4 @ 08:48


Hillview Drive

The park and stride route 

Hillview Drive route is a great walking bus for families who normally drive to school. Instead of getting entangled in the car queues around school and having to search for that parking place, dropping the children at Hillview Drive is a much easier solution. 

The start of this route is at 08:45.

Hillview Drive_crossing.jpg
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